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Medical examination requirements and procedures for the United States of America
All immigrant and refugee applicants must have a physical examination and mental status assessment as a part of their application process. The purpose of the migration health assessment is to determine if medical conditions or mental disorders exist that would make the applicant inadmissible: a) need to be followed up after resettlement, b) require the applicant to receive long-term institutionalization or maintenance income provided by the U.S. government after resettlement that is to become a public charge.
What you must bring to the medical examination?
Valid passport for identification
Immunization record, Influenza vaccine
Prescription eyeglasses (if applicable)
Medical certificates, clinical reports, hospital discharge papers
The medical examination includes Fees in MDL
    TST (Mantoux) test Physical Examination Chest X-ray Syphilis Test Gonorrhea Test
0-2         850
2-14       900
15 and over     1800
After medical examination the medical files are checked, scanned, sealed and handed out to the applicants to be lodged in person at the US Embassy in Chisinau for review and completion.
The screening fee must be paid on the day of health assessment, in local currency (MDL) at the IOM designated bank.
The medical exam results are valid for 6 months.
To request an emergency appointment, you may also submit a written request to the IOM Chisinau Medical Unit at